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my favorite artists

today i am going to talk about my favorite artists. yeah, that’s it. les doit.

Lauren Bousfield

also known as Nero’s Day at Disneyland and In - House Pharmacy, Lauren is a musician that makes mostly quirky experimental electronic music, characterized by a frantic, energetic and chaotic sound. also, she’s good at making titles for songs (see “Piles of Black Dresses and Theory and Bodies and Light and Distance Between People and Whatever Nevermind”).

i first learned about her work years ago, when i watched a video from a youtuber talking about weird songs he liked, i think, i can’t recall. that guy seemed really smart. he told his interpretations of some of the songs from From Rotting Fantasylands, which is one of Nero’s Day at Disneland’s albums, probably the most well known. but it was only this year, where i got more into listening to and discovering music, that i took the time to listen to the entire album, and man i wish i did that earlier.

favorite albums: From Rotting Fantasylands (as Nero’s Day at Disneyland) and Locked Into Phantasy (as “Lauren Bousfield”)

- ~ -

William Basinski

oh well… this guy. i don’t even have the vocabulary to describe his work. it’s this atmospheric, melancholic, almost dreadful kind of ambient and experimental music. the way he did The Disintegration Loops Vol. 1 was pretty creative. i think it was made using tape machines with some sort of… actually, you should listen to it first. :)

i’m pretty sure i first knew about him through some vaporwave channel, like Pad Chennington, probably from one of his “mysterious and unknown albums” videos.

favorite album: Melancholia

- ~ -

Venetian Snares

two words: breakcore prophet.

honestly, i can’t remember where i first heard his name. probably from this video.

favorite album: Detrimentalist

- ~ -

Bill Evans

ya like jazz? Bill was a jazz pianist that was active from the 60s to the 80s. he had a very troubled life, which is told little by little in every album of his. i don’t know much about jAaZ thEOrY, but he’s awesome, and if you disagree, you can [REDACTED].

now that i think about it, i remember going to this music shop with my school friends back in the day, and i saw this dude on a vinyl cover looking at me, it was super weird. later in life, i discovered the name of that album: Portrait in Jazz.

favorite albums: Interplay and Waltz for Debby

- ~ -


finally, an audiovisual artist. Baphometkun makes short weird videos on youtube, resambling, in my opinion, an aesthetic called weirdcore.

weirdcore… it’s hard to describe, mostly because it’s different for each person. for me, it has this dreamy, lowkey depressing vibe. it tells sad stories and even repressed memories through uncanny visuals and sounds. sometimes it seems like someone is talking to the spectator…

i learned about Baphometkun purely by accident. i was browsing youtube on my phone, and this weird video popped up. i still don’t know what i feel when i watch that video, but it surely isn’t something from this place.

favorite video: Angels

- ~ -

Shinichiro Watanabe

ah, yes. the film director for Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, two of my favorite anime series. the way he uses more adult themes in his work, the soundtracks, the storytelling, everything is so good. i’m not very good at describing what i like about his work, but trust me, it’s great. just… just watch the first episode of Cowboy Bebop.

favorite series: Cowboy Bebop

- ~ -