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First Post!

Ok, so welcome to my first blog post! I’ve been searching for the best way to make the blog’s “structure” and i guess it’s just making plain .html files. I still have a lot of stuff to do on this website, like making the visuals better, creating a functional rss feed, etc. I also plan on using a static website generator just for the blog posts, so i can write the post in markdown (which is way comfier), paste the converted html text in a file like this and send it.

I wish i could have some sort of way to automatically update the blog index whenever i update the neocities files, but it’s whatever. I’m sure i could do that if i selfhosted the website, which is something i’m seriously thinking about doing. Just a simple SBC would do for me…

Anyway, i just wanted to say hi. Expect more posts and updates in the following days, especially after my “RSS feed officially implemented” post. Bye for now.