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i love me terminal :)))))

i love being inside my terminal emulator!!!! tmux is a great program that lets me have even more terminals inside one terminal emulator open!!! you can even split the screen and have lots of terminals showing at the saaaaame time!!! :O

sometimes, when i’m writing posts for my blog, i like doing quick searches for basic terminology or even entire subjects, so i use lynx to search the web (i actually use a tiny script1 to make everything more dynamic and FAST)!! and it looks so coooool to surf the web inside the terminal!!! with a bitmap font, it looks like you’re just straight travelling through tiemmm!!!! wow!!!! this is amaaaazing!!!!!!! the 90s web!!! in your terminal!!!!

and don’t forget all of the other cool tools, like scrapers, IRC clients, XMPP clients and even bittorrent clients! text is the universal interface!!! i even upload to neocities using a ruby program that runs inside…? make a guess… my terminal!!!!!!

so much cool stuff! everything is so much more enjoyable when you see things through a monospaced font!

so yeah, my computer is just a bootloader to my terminal emulator.

  1. put this cool one liner in a script!! lynx "https://lite.duckduckgo.com/lite?q=$*"